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I Ching and Tarot Insight from the 16th of February to the 23rd of February 2020.

We begin with the I Ching insight for the week. Keep in mind Mercury retrograde begins today. 

This weeks I Ching reading speaks of being bare, and I will break apart the hexagram to explain further. 

Laying bare, speaks of imbalance within the self and life due to one or more emotional situations that is being grappled with. Within this lies an imbalance of power within the self where you may find yourself hanging onto old beliefs connected to old wounds that have been triggered within the situation. 

The lower trigram is the sea. As we know the sea can be calm or fierce within a storm, and this sitting in the lower trigram to water, it tells us that it's important to feel emotions, be present with them but to not feed the beliefs within it. Let it move through you, 'be like water,' to not is to stay caught within an old story. 

The upper trigram is water and coupled with sea, speaks of to not lose power within the situation is to stay focused on the truth. Regardless of the white wash of emotion, the truth lies within the core of the elements of nature. 


Tarot insight

The major arcana influence for the week the Hanged Man. This goes well as we venture into an emotional Mercury retrograde in Pisces. 

Earthing the card, immediately speaks of emotion, and though emotional also cleansing to any situation you have currently been struggling to gain clarity on or unexpected events that have occurred recently, or will occur in the very near future. This speaks of letting go of how you've been perceiving things to grow into a new clarity and insight that I feel you may have been sitting in between for a number of weeks or months. Kinda like you may have a sense of what the clarity is, but don't yet have the full picture in clear view. The beauty about Mercury retrograde, is looking at and dealing with the finer details and while it travels through watery Pisces, this will aid in gaining clarity to insight within emotional situations, but first we must let go of how we've been hanging onto seeing and perceiving certain situations. 

The supporting card is the Seven of Cups. Again earthing this card, validates both readings above and encouraging the inner exploration to receive clear sight but to not get caught in the mind believing in the thought process attached to beliefs but to go deeper, much deeper than that and feel with the body, and receive with your knowing to gain the clarity you've been wanting. To book a personal clairvoyant/mediumship reading with me via Skype/Messenger, phone or email click here: