I Ching and Tarot Insight from the 19th of April to the 26th of April 2020.

Starting with I Ching reading for the week which is breakthrough.
The hexagram carries both heaven and sea.
The bottom trigram is heaven, and though the foundation of the hexagram, we look to it that things are slowly coming together with understanding and knowing. Our physical and emotional world of late has really felt the squeeze to break through the grief and rage box of old deep as fuck pain, pushing us to question those places most usually will avoid. The underlying deep ancestral wounding is what has been coming to the forefront and will continue to over the next few weeks. This is the transformation heaven speaks of telling us our hard work is slowly paying off.

The top trigram is the sea, which speaks of the flow of movement and creation from the hard work done so far. Though slow to move for some, it's moving, and the realisations and understanding coupled with heaven tells us the breakthrough from moving through the emotional stuff is starting to see the light. Though there's a fuck load to go as there always is my loves, enjoy the break from not knowing to feeling grounded in what you know now.

Tarot insight

The major arcana influence for the week is the Fool which goes nicely with the I Ching reading.
We have a burst of clear creative energy and look at it like a canvas that's been painted over with black to start a new picture, taking all our experiences and knowing to slowly piece together life in the way we want it. Transforming deep shit and navigating it just so, to take each small step forward towards the new with confidence. But scrying this card also speaks of not losing yourself in being overly confident or overly enthusiastic because there is a long way to go. Watch disconnecting from the emotions you've been sitting in, stay where you are but create the new walk ahead with being connected to body, mind and emotions. To be grounded in our emotions is to be grounded in our bodies which means connected to our intuition and knowing. Go forward grounded.

The supporting card is 7 of Cups which talks again about being grounded in your emotion and body therefore knowing and intuition. Don't get dazzled by offers and opportunities that look too good to be true. Trust me when I say it will trip you up in the very near future with a big hard slap from life. Listen and act on what you're intuitively feeling and stay there. Respect what you feel. Though it's nice to enjoy a break and have a strong sense of where we're going, do it feeling the heavy and learn to live from this space without shoving head up arse and back into old behavioural and emotional patterns.
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