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I Ching and Tarot Insight from the 1st of March to the 8th of March 2020.

The I Ching reading for the week is Possessions, which supports the tarot reading also. I will read the trigrams individually to give you more insight into what this means.

The bottom trigram is Fire. Beautiful element for the lower trigram, but this also speaks of challenge from constant and frequent growth, though it is needed to cleanse, transform, heal and rebirth to have a strong foundation to become 'heaven' which is our upper trigram.
Fire also speaks of the unexpected and the need to use your voice and express what is needed to transform communication in certain relationships. This is not directed to only intimate connections but business, acquaintances whatever the relationship. Whatever strong emotion is being evoked from certain  relationships is asking for your self reflection to grow from it again.

The upper trigram is heaven. And it's here to remind you whatever challenges you're currently experiencing is for your own evolution and to hold focus on strengthening and understanding your own relationship to self as all relationships stem from this. Remember to have a strong relationship to self is to also ground your knowing and power by also having a relationship to ancestors and earth.


Tarot Insight

The major arcana influence for the week is the Devil.

The consistency of the messages that are coming through for the current energetic weather is on par with everything that's felt.
Earthing the card feels a similar message we've had in the last two weeks as we ride the wave of deep emotion and addressing whatever insecurities or uncertainties that arise. The current energetic weather really pulls on subtle but important fears and pains that you intuitively get the knowing that it needs to be addressed now, and not left so it grows to the point of overwhelm.

All these important feels is asking you to be clear as fuck where self love needs to be given and practised in the places where it feels empty, painful, confused and/or lonely.
It's not about allowing yourself to be left in a pit of emotion without knowing another layer of clarity, it's encouraging you to push yourself to heal, understand and grow from it. It will challenge you, particularly when you hit those sticky knots, but real healing does.

This new layer of clarity and knowing opens a more vibrant feel with clearer communication and boundaries strengthening relationships and trust, with those that you may have expected you would, and those that you never thought you would. Either one or both, this stirs for new creativity and direction. When this happens in our relationships you see how the creative energy manifests and opens, or not opens for new possibilities. This in itself is telling. Main point of this all is observing loves, within yourself, people and environment. Pay attention.
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