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I Ching and Tarot Insight from the 22nd of March to the 29th of March 2020.

The I Ching reading for the week is conflict. I will pull apart the hexagram into trigrams to offer more clarity on the reading.

Here we have water and earth but water being the bottom trigram. This is all about movement and moving spontaneously standing in the clear flow of what is right now and not getting swept away with resisting which only creates more fear. So in other words, accepting what is right now and allowing yourself to move with it.

The upper trigram is a strong reminder not to be stubborn or caught in beliefs that are doing more harm than good to yourself and relationships that should be nourished. I'm putting emphasis on should be nourished. It is easy to fall into old patterns and excuse toxic and abusive behaviour when one is fearing, I'm encouraging not to do that and be mindful to keep yourself safe. If the conflict needs to be no probs, but don't hang onto what could have been or how you wanted things to work out. Make sure there is a resolution even if the resolution is to walk away and you have to work through the emotion attached to the experience for however long it needs. The main thing here is to find clarity quickly so the turmoil isn't ongoing. Watch that space loves. I understand it's high anxiety for many people, but watch your own anxieties and reactions, keep yourself and others safe by knowing and asserting your boundaries.

The major arcana influence for the week is the Sun.
Earthing the card, the Sun encourages you to stay focused on being grounded. To give yourself space to feel grief and any emotional heaviness that surfaces this week. Dissociating from heavy feelings will only unground you and make you feel more anxious, sad and unsafe because you're not in your body but replaying old patterns of escapism. There's nothing wrong with a little of that as long as you pull yourself back to earth and deal with how you feel. Watch how you feel and what is being communicated in relationships this week. If you're feeling emotional, quiet time to understand and ground what you're feeling is needed and as much as you can. It shows with the combination of cards the harmony that will come from doing so. 

The supporting card is Two of Cups. This again is speaking of relationships and the necessity to give space to reflect before communicating how one feels. This is a space of quickening growth if one takes the opportunity to see what's being challenged and needing presence. This card very much speaks of needing space within relationships that is healthy, to keep communication moving, to gently and slowly move through any challenges that arise this week.
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