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I Ching and Tarot Insight from the 26th of April to the 3rd of May 2020.

I Ching this week speaks of thunder and wind, and now Pluto has gone retrograde for five months, keep focused on transforming those inner deep wounds that is asking for liberation, and you'll know this when the same issue arises again and again where it's pushing you to liberate yourself in places that are lacking and feel stagnant. I'll go into this a little more this week on my Facebook page.

I will break apart the I Ching hexagram into trigrams for further insight. And we begin with the lower trigram which is wind. 

Communication, spontaneity, the need to go with the flow and observing the repetitive internalised thoughts that is trying to tell you what is needing love and presence within yourself and situations that you maybe giving too much energy to. The need to be gentle with yourself and others, and watching reactions to shit that may take you by surprise. Be your own observer loves. 

The upper trigram is thunder which tells us that more unexpected situations and/or changes will arise within personal relationships and career. This again has a feeling of being gentle with yourself. To slow the fuck down and listen to those spaces where you may feel like you're putting too much pressure on yourself and others. Take a step back and breathe. Give yourself space to collect your yourself and ground. Introspect on what is causing this pressure and move forward when you've given yourself the space to feel and understand what is requiring presence. 


Tarot Insight

The major arcana influence for the week is Temperance. Temperance is a funny one with most interpretations out there that I don't agree with. Scrying the card I want to speak of balance. Balance in the sense of over doing it, where one part of your life is heading or has the ability to head towards burn out. This is very much around drawing your energy within, as stated above in the I Ching reading and to be your own observer within your inner world. Listen, feel, what feels off balance? Why are you feeling so tired and lacking energy? What worry or concerns have you been thinking about but not necessarily been conscious of? One of the best ways to get clear is to intuitively write down what you're feeling and why and sense where this overwhelm started. I also feel money within this card, and a possibility of change in jobs or career just the first niggling thoughts and ideas are stirring. Listen to that too my loves as this also may hook into the overwhelm you may be feeling. 

The supporting card is the Nine of Swords which confirms what has already been spoken, and we all know what and how we will feel if ignoring the strong but subtle messages our body is trying to tell us. In short loves, be your own observer and act where you know you need to act. Small steps in the right direction but this absolutely requires time for quiet and reflection. If you would like to book a personal clairvoyant/mediumship reading with me, click here: