I Ching and Tarot Insight from the 9th of February to the 16th of February 2020.

The I Ching reading for the week is Conflict. I will divide the hexagram to offer more explanation.

This is a hexagram of change, as conflict does bring change whether the two or more opposing parties choose to grow and change from the situation. Holding onto bullshit also creates changes in the way of stubbornly hanging onto destructive beliefs, it will also bring in more destruction for the person in the near future, which also includes an unsettled spirit and possible health issues. Stress weakens the immune system.

The lower trigram is Kan, water and like water it should always be moving and not stagnant and we can really look at this on the way way with think and our emotions. To be stagnant comes from old beliefs attached to old wounds, mindless fuckery that doesn't serve yourself or anyone around you.
This is a transitional trigram if you choose to go deep into the waters, and self reflect and see what needs movement. This itself will give insight to approaching the conflict differently and looking at the rage that's formed this belief.

The upper trigram is Qian, heaven and it's a transmutable trigram and it requires presence. It is not believing heaven is outside of you, but something that is you and is inside of you. The beliefs we hold around heaven, and what is peaceful and brings you joy must be examined to look at the truth and reality of what this actually is, because what most people expect to be peaceful is to control their environment and others. This is not real and will create conflict both within and without.

I am not saying to ignore bullshit or abuse of any kind, this is not what this reading is encouraging, but more of looking at tackling certain situations that needs resolution and how you approach the resolution is to look at ways of seeing what's happening within you and how you feel, because controlling people or situations to get an outcome you're wanting because you haven't gone deep enough to look at your internal shit is unacceptable and will only bring more chaos and deepen old wounding. 

Tarot reading

The major arcana influence for the week is the High Priestess.

The High Priestess is finding calm within the turbulent storm, surely you loves have been feeling it move as we are on cusp of walking into Mercury retrograde in Pisces, so expect emotions to be high but also looking at illusionary bullshit, shit you've perceived as real but is not like for an example, finally seeing a person for who they really are.

The supporting cards is Queen of Coins, more than anything this card asks for patience and grounding. Also standing your ground and boundaries keeping self love at centre point. The Queen of Coins also speaks of the first feelings and knowing of creating new change. This change has been brewing since late December loves so listen and act. So ride the wave not against it. Move with it and not resist it. To book a personal clairvoyant/mediumship reading with me via Skype/messenger, phone or email click here:  https://snakeandwildroots.com.au/collections/mediumship-readings-tarot-with-clairvoyancy