I Ching reading and Tarot Insight from the 2nd of February to the 9th of February 2020.

This weeks I Ching reading is Observation, and I will break down the hexagram for more insight and better understanding. 

The bottom hexagram is earth, and this gives the hexagram a perfect grounding to grow and earth the changes that are unexpectedly coming. It's one that speaks of harmony, like having all your ducks in a row from recent growth and changes, and now it is encouraging you to expand beyond what you now know. Many of you will feel like there's no rest between growth periods, and it does seem that way if you're not actively giving yourself more time for self care, this hexagram is asking you to be mindful of this not just presently, but always. 

The top hexagram is wind, and this encourages us to go with the changes but also to be aware that things are not going to stay the way we expect it should. We should move like wind when it comes to changes. To move with the energy and not resist it, and to also keep in mind when we have fixed expectations and not open to look at the beliefs beneath the expectations, this is when we begin a losing battle within and shit becomes stagnant. Though some changes are unsettling, particularly when they are unexpected, it is necessary to look at what you are resisting otherwise you'll get caught in the mind, and then not earthed in the body to feel and follow your intuitive knowing which you need to feel to lead you into the change you're currently feeling. 


Tarot Insight

The major arcana influence for the week is the Moon. The Moon is encouraging you to give presence to what you're feeling and find the time and space to explore the unsettledness, upset or anxiety that's currently on the surface. If you've been feeling heavy with grief, this card also encourages you to look deeper at when this first began and why, and what conditioned pattern you're caught in, and what your knowing is trying to tell you. What do you need to change? Whose company are you in that you shouldn't be? Are there any decisions you need to make and haven't yet? Have you taken on some advice that doesn't feel right for you? It is important to give your emotions just as much presence as your knowing, so you can move with the understanding that you will receive by giving yourself time to explore why you're feeling the way you're feeling.

This card also speaks of miscommunication and/or past dealings with friends, family, associates which is showing you to give these feelings presence, so you can see the wisdom that will give you clarity to take action to move what you're feeling. 

The supporting card is the 6 of Wands, which actually speaks of not getting caught in the ego and to not disregard any fear that maybe connected to what I shared above. If you move forward by disconnecting from important fears that needs to be addressed, you're going to hit a wall pretty fucking soon in the near future, and if not there's a nice smooth transition forward for you. To book a personal reading with me via email, phone or Skype/Facebook messenger just click the link here loves to book: https://snakeandwildroots.com.au/collections/mediumship-readings-tarot-with-clairvoyancy