I Ching reading - wisdom in movement

Because of what's happening to Australia right now, my heart isn't into offering tarot insight. My heart is heavy with grief for the country I live in. Though, I would like to offer ancestral wisdom using a divination system of my ancestors to help with some peace in tumultuous times. An I Ching reading for you loves: 

An I Ching reading consists of a hexagram which is divided into two trigrams. I will read both trigrams and then the hexagram as a whole.

The lower trigram is Sun. It is movable and governed by the wind. Looking further into it, it speaks of being open to spontaneous movement. Do not hold back and hold onto what was. Communication and spontaneity is the foundation of this trigram which tells of connecting with the knowing of ancestors, to act upon the spiritual practices and wisdom you have gained up until now. To move like the wind and know the wind has the capacity to move the surface of water never reaching the depths of it. Even so, it evokes change at the depth of who we are and teaches us to be movable as nature is. 

The second trigram is Li. It is movable essence of fire. The transmutation and cleansing that fire offers evoking the passion, creation and primal nature of humankind. It speaks of added focus and concentration that is needed to reach into the depths of knowing when it undergoes physical and spiritual transmutation. Do not mistake your fear to be the knowing voice of reality. Place your calm and focus inside the very core of the wisdom that is found beneath the layers of creative chaos. Retreat deep into the essence of the unknowable darkness in small pursuits of finding peace within anxiety, in this place you feel the wisdom and calm of the truth of what is taking place in the present. 

The hexgram as a whole is the cauldron of family and close friends. It speaks of the foundation we retreat to when we feel we are losing power or feeling uncertain within transformation. Rest there for a while but listen deeply to what's happening inside you. Take those small focused moments to know the truth, the calm and quiet between each breath. 25% off all services and product will be donated to reputable charities. If you would like to book a reading click here: https://snakeandwildroots.com.au/collections/mediumship-readings-tarot-with-clairvoyancy

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