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I Ching & Tarot Insight from the 13th of September to the 20th of September 2020.

As usual we begin with the I Ching reading, and the hexagram for this week is Heaven. 

This weeks I Ching reading is simple but profound in it's insight as it speaks of quiet and not rushing the process as many may find themselves healing, transforming and exploring their emotional body at present. Or you may find yourself feeling pressure and unsure of the uncertainty and lack of grounding right now. The latter is encouraged to look at what are you resisting and what you're trying to push forward when your knowing is telling you quite another thing. 

With this, comes a slow movement and process of reclaiming and then slowly manifesting more power, and the essence of this reading is to not rush the process. Rushing the process comes from a place of anxiety which is worth exploring where this fear or fears come from. This is always important to know. Allowing yourself space for things to build and move naturally without feeding fears from old wounding is important because pushing forward you will find it will result in more unrest and chaos. 

Tarot insight

The major arcana influence for this week is Aunt Caroline from the Hoodoo tarot better known as the Wheel of Fortune. This card is imbued with spirit speak and not knowing which way the wheel will turn but learning to trust yourself throughout the process. It speaks of moving with your knowing and not on what you fear. Understand and listen to the wisdom that is beneath the fear. As shared above, to act on old wounding will find yourself in more unrest and chaos. This card affirms the above of moving slow and listening. There's more happening than what we as human beings can understand. 

The supporting card is the Seven of Knives. This card actually speaks of sadness, grief and forgiving yourself. This speaks of the old wounding that is or will be surfacing and looking at it from a place of compassion and understanding for yourself where maybe once a upon a time you may have annihilated yourself for making the same mistake over and over again. Don't allow yourself to fall into these old responses, but learn to come from a place of having your own back. Without doing so, you will sabotage yourself again. So go slowly loves and take your time transforming, healing and most importantly to listen and act when you intuitively feel it's right. If you would like to book a reading with me via email, phone or Skype/messenger please click the link below to view and book sessions: