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I Ching & Tarot Insight from the 14th of June to the 21st of June 2020.

As usual we begin with the I Ching reading. This week is inner truth and from the glance at the tarot cards for this week I have a feeling both readings will go hand in hand. 

The bottom trigram of the I Ching hexagram is Dui, sea. This is moving with the ever flowing sea of the mystery taking you spontaneously here and there highlighting more than one aspect in your life this week. Some of it will be emotionally tumultuous, and some of it will offer you peace and joy. To move with this chaotic energy is to go with the flow. Don't hold onto any fixed ideas, beliefs, or plans just move with with it all and stay grounded by listening to your intuition. This is where the peace is at my loves, coming back to the truth of each experience, feeling the emotions and not feeding the beliefs that will be pushed up to the surface. Understand Mercury joins the rest of the retrograding planets this week, so be aware of communication with others and know your clarity and truth before you express. 

The top trigram is Sun, wind and this confirms the above and the spontaneity of this week. To expect the unexpected with communication and experiences in aspects of your life that you feel are 'certain.' That wind will be rocking the surface level of deep wounds and you may not understand how you feel with some it at first, so take the time to ground and get quiet before communicating what it is that you feel. This also includes joyous experiences because when we get swept away with joy we can make promises that we don't usually mean but mean in the moment. So stay present as fuck my loves.  

Tarot insight  

The major arcana influence for the week is the Empress. The beautiful empress shows you have a goal or plans that you want to manifest and they will come to fruition if you can stay true to yourself and not get swept away with emotion of the next few weeks. Not everything we want manifests there and then and how we want it all to unfold isn't usually the way we see it in our heads. So as I was saying above, don't hold onto any fixed ideas. I chose the Crow tarot because of the swift unexpected changes crow energy brings and when scrying this card it shows exactly what I shared above, so just keep moving with the flow loves. 

And the Six of Wands confirms that you will reach the outcome you're seeking if you're true to yourself. It also reminds us to stay humble or you'll be kicked off your make believe pedestal really quick. To dive deep when wounds are felt to pull up the knowing and clarity to aid you in the direction you're being guided to within. If you would like to book a personal reading with me via Skype/messemger, email or phone anywhere in the world, click here: