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I Ching & Tarot Insight from the 30th of August to the 6th of September 2020.

We'll begin with the I Ching reading this week, which is constancy. I will break down the hexagram into trigrams for further insight. 

The bottom trigram is the Sun. Having the sun in this position speaks of staying strong and optimistic, trusting that you have the strength to move through the heavy, understanding there is a renewed strength breaking through. Make sure you give yourself space for some lightness and joy by doing the things you love and often, as the heavy won't be lifting for a little while yet. Pull on your spiritual and creative practices and act on the intuitive messages that you may not fully understand why as yet. Keep trusting what you feel, it'll all come together within the next six weeks. 

The top trigram is thunder. I want to say really clearly, to surrender to the changes that are unfolding and the ones that are coming. One of the biggest things most struggle with is trying to understand the changes while things are changing. You won't get all the pieces until you've walked through to the other side. Questioning is healthy as long as you're not attacking yourself, please keep that in mind. Holding onto how you 'think' things should be will only deepen the confusion and frustration and so easily evoke grief. Feel, and be your own observer. There's more chaos to come so make sure you have practices in places and spend as much time as you can in nature. 

Tarot insight

The major arcana influence for the week is the Hermit. The Hermit speaks for itself, as you are being pulled in to listen to your internal world for more healing but to also  gather insight in the quiet. Listen and explore the inner turmoil, but don't feed the negative beliefs that is connected to the wounding. Be your own observer. Quiet, and following the insight received as shared above is essential. Without doing so, you may find you'll be caught in your own emotional turmoil. This is deep healing my lovelies, be gentle with yourself and don't even try to rush the process. 

The supporting card confirms the above,  but also shows the many things that you're battling with your mind. Overthinking isn't feeling through what you need to know, heal and embody. Surrender by not thinking, but feeling it through. The wisdom and clarity will come the more you practice being your own observer. To be book a personal clairvoyant/mediumship reading with me via Skype, email or phone, click here to view services and to book: