I Ching & Tarot Insight from the 7th of June to the 14th of June 2020.

I Ching reading this week is minor achievement. And this loves really speaks of everything we're going through collectively and if we're going through a collective growth and shift we will be personally as well. I will pull apart the hexagram for added insight.

The power of thunder is being blocked by the mountain, and mountain is the bottom trigram. What this speaks of is limited growth and seeing that you're behaving bigger than what you are. So really keeping ego and insecurities in check and making sure you're not coming across as a know it all, and with the BLM movement, this is one where white supremacist beliefs and privilege can really be highlighted here. If the inner work isn't being done in any area of your life and you're reacting from an insecure space and a place of pain, you will feel an elevated feeling which of course isn't grounded. To express and move from a place of power and clarity, deep healing must occur. It is common to be swept up in emotion when the tower hits areas in your life, and again we can point to the collective global movement, it is very necessary and important to take time out to give space for everything to be observed, felt, understood with presence in order to ground what you know and what you need to heal in your body. Understand what's happening in the world right now will also push and sway shit in your personal life as you align with the new found healing and insight. 

The top trigram is thunder sharing there is more to come in the way of stripping back fear to reveal the bone truth of what is and what needs presence to reclaim power within the wound. Ground loves. Practice grounding more than once a day as this will be a powerful month with also Mercury joining the retrograding planets in just a little over a weeks time. 

Tarot insight

The major arcana insight for the week is Miss Robinson from the Hoodoo tarot otherwise known as the Devil. Again, perfect fit loves for what describes the energy of now. 

Scrying this card, tells me to look at the beliefs you are choosing to hold onto and also any attachments that may keep you from peeling down more layers so you can reclaim your power in areas that you know need reclaiming but have been putting it off because it gives you a false sense of security. What also needs your attention is what masks you're holding onto because they have been keeping you safe from establishing deeper connections not allowing you to feel the pain and fear behind the mask you're created for yourself to protect you from further hurt. We have these protection mechanism because of the hurt we carry and it is advised to peel them down slowly so you can process the pain behind it. 

This card also speaks of seeing behind the masks of others and listening to your knowing and now allowing you to attach yourself to people you know that will cause you more pain in the near future. 

The supporting card is the Mother of Baskets which is the Queen of Cups. She is giving, nurturing and caring. She feels deeply and is creative, but with this said also observe the emotion and feeling within yourself and make sure you're not tricking yourself to hold onto attachments because you're afraid to face what actually is behind it all. A man or woman that feels deeply can so easily manipulate themselves if they are not present within their own emotional wounding. So listen to the emotional turmoil within, is there something you're choosing not to face or take responsibility for because it hurts too much? Through this you can acknowledge the pain that you're feeling and be honest with yourself in areas in your life that are requiring healing, presence and growth. Stay grounded my loves. If you're wanting to book a personal clairvoyant/mediumship with me, click here to book: https://snakeandwildroots.com.au/collections/mediumship-readings-tarot-with-clairvoyancy