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I Ching reading and Tarot Insight from the 27th of Jan to the 2nd February 2020.

I Ching reading for the week:  The hexagram for this week is decrease and I will break it down into the two trigrams where the sea and mountain meet.  The lower trigram is the sea. It speaks of deep feeling, deep emotion but without navigation and not knowing. Almost like a feeling lost at sea yet speaks of calm. To calm yourself within these spaces. If you're feeling overwhelmed which this hexagram speaks of, to bring yourself back to ground. Calm is key

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Tarot Insight from the 19th of January to the 26th of January 2020.

Beginning with the I Ching reading: This weeks hexagram is governed by the sea and heavens. It carries the most peaceful feeling and encourages us to flow with our own natural rhythm keeping focused on how our real self feels, the messages of our intuition.  The lower trigram is Dui governed by the sea. The peace we receive when we are in flow with our ancestors and the earth, listening deeply to the messages we feel in the body and taking action on them.

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I Ching & Tarot Insight from the 12th of January to the 19th of January 2020.

With many feeling anxious, I will begin each reading with I Ching. For those that are feeling anxious or overwhelmed, read the I Ching and leave the tarot insight. The tarot insight is below the I Ching reading. I will be moving forward this way from here on. In saying this, today's tarot reading is not confronting, but nurturing. I Ching reading This is favourable hexagram to move forward from such unrest, for now anyway knowing that things are always changing and evolving and it's important to move with each wave of energy. This hexgram speaks of enthusiasm.

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I Ching reading - wisdom in movement

Because of what's happening to Australia right now, my heart isn't into offering tarot insight. My heart is heavy with grief for the country I live in. Though, I would like to offer ancestral wisdom using a divination system of my ancestors to help with some peace in tumultuous times. An I Ching reading for you loves:  An I Ching reading consists of a hexagram which is divided into two trigrams. I will read both trigrams and then the hexagram as a whole. The lower trigram is Sun. It is movable and governed by the wind. Looking further into it, it speaks of being open to spontaneous movement. Do not hold back and hold onto what was. Communication and spontaneity...

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