Tarot Insight & Domino reading from the 28th of June to the 5th of July 2020.

Beginning with the tarot reading, the major arcana influence for the week is the Empress.
Scrying the card is a kind reminder to hold your focus on the growth you’re experiencing. Give yourself permission to be messy, to not feel you have to have your shit together all the time. Stay focused on what you’re wanting to manifest for yourself no matter how challenging things may feel.
And feeling- this is the point here. To stay grounded in what you’re feeling and not disconnect because you feel things maybe lighter, it’s keeping your feet on the ground and your finger on the pulse of who you are and how you feel everyday.
And the supporting card speaks of this.

Queen of Cups reminds us to stay focused on exactly what I shared above. To know there’s more issues with relationships that will show over the next three months that will bring up what may feel like an exaggerated reaction in certain situations that may even catch you off guard. It’s these hurts that is requiring presence to deeper issues that is aiding you in reclaiming your power within relationships and the relationship you have with yourself. So don’t disconnect, continue walking with feet on the ground.

Domino reading

As soon as the dominos were placed down, it was like a similar feeling like what I felt and saw in the Empress card. A sense of not everything is ‘put together’ just yet. There is more to come in areas you’re wanting resolution in. Be patient, timing is everything so is the learning within it.
There will be movement in career and home, maybe one for some if not both.
Find stillness within your busyness there is strength and knowing within this that will support the quickness of movement that’s to come within the next six weeks.
Partnerships and friendships hold solid ground for clearer communication, understanding communication on your part will be clear when you know what you need and want but also to verbalise and live it.
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