Tarot Insight for 2020

The major arcana for 2020 is The Lovers. This is adding the date of the first day of the year till one number is received. 

Earthing the card, I first want to cover the possibilities this card offers. At first glance, most will think love, and yes it's part of the symbology and meaning of the card, but let's go fuck loads deeper.

Everything in this world is all about relationships. Relationships to others, to plants, to the dirt, to your emotions, to your grief, to yourself, to your career, to your feelings- everything. The first thing I see is, reclaiming the feminine and masculine within to relate better without. I don't usually like separating a human into masculine and feminine, but for healing and insightful purposes, I will as it's being shown. 

What I see looking at the card, is really looking at healing the masculine. Looking at the oppression of how you relate or not relate to the masculine whether female or male, or non binary, looking at the hurts and wounds within and to reclaim your power and heal what is needing your attention. The attributes that is considered to be masculine- action, expression, assertiveness, independence, leadership, strength, boundaries.. though let me say this is not what I know to be truth as masculine qualities, but human qualities I'm writing it this way as it's being shown and to make it clear what is oppressed and not healed, these qualities within you will need strengthening, attention and presence. To heal the masculine within, is to have healthier relationships without and a stronger relationship with the feminine both within and without which will permit you to follow through, respect and take action on your feminine qualities. 

Attributes that is considered feminine- nurturance, empathy, expression, creation, intuition, healing- again dividing both is bullshit but what I want to make clear by writing it this way is healing and strengthening what is considered to be masculine attributes will give you a louder knowing voice to take action and listen to the feminine like your creativity and intuition. By healing the masculine traits and looking at the wounding connected to it, we then give ourselves a deepened relationship to our feminine- our knowing loves the person we are beneath all the expectations, wounds and layered oppression. I'm also wanting to stay true to what I see in the reading.

So, we know and see by deepening our relationship with self, we deepen our relationships to all on the planet with our knowing, respect, empathy, compassion and sensitivity leading our relationship with not only ALL but with self first and foremost. With this, it's fucking needed and to be understood that you must listen to yourself and commit to having an authentic and real relationship with self.

Now that you have that, let's move on to relationships, partnerships and decisions, our core focus for 2020. 

Our earth is struggling, meaning all of us and this is very dependent on how we relate to our Mother, and when I say our mother I mean every living and non living being on the planet and that starts with how we relate to our self. Yes, it very much includes our relationship to materialism because it isn't a healthy one. Our relationship with materialism is very much influenced by greed, distraction, selfishness and neediness- the lack of presence and connection to self and planet. Trying to fill a void with stuff and not with self love and presence, which always includes connection to all. How does what you're not present within yourself affect your relationship with self and earth? Because 2020 is very much about the bones of truth. Ripping down illusions and lies from what needs to be seen with the clearest eyes in order for the earth, us to grow and heal. 

This takes me back to what is toxic masculinity, the patriarchy and the oppression of earth and the need to heal and get really fucking clear and strong with healthy masculine attributes, firm as fuck boundaries and a strong clear voice of what is not right for you and for our earth. It's a dire need to fuck off unhealthy mind sets which very much includes deep ancestral healing because this oppression goes way back loves. So knowing this, deep healing of relationships is very much the focus for 2020 which threads back to the relationship to yourself. 

Relationships, partnerships and business partnerships will have a huge shake up while we are working on and getting clear with what is right for us and healing our relationship with earth and self. Needed, and one that should be in constant movement and growth. 

The two supporting cards is the Ten of Pentacles and the Queen of Swords. The 10 of Pentacles speaks for itself of prosperity and manifestation and it carries consistent authentic growth that is always moving and expanding which focuses on positive growth changes in finances offering you greater material security that doesn't come from greed, and relationships that are secure, always growing together with healthy communication IF you choose to do the work and heal. Though this doesn't come without the Queen of Swords. Without you being the Queen of Swords, by being cuttingly unapologetically clear with your relationship with self first, then communicating what you want clearly including firm as fuck boundaries, because remember healing the attributes above will now give you the knowing, self respect and clarity to communicate what you need and want. From here all healthy relationships will follow. 

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