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Tarot Insight for 2022.

Insight for 2022

Before I start, this year I’ve been asking those that are non Roma to ‘buy me a coffee’ with what I share and the insight I give through my work. To those that still don’t understand why, BIPOC people in general, but in this case Romani people, are one of the most heavily systemically oppressed people on the planet. To this day we are still not seen and while white people and non Roma people give no fucks while we give support and insight where we can which comes from our own transformed trauma and love for earth, it is one way to support and balance the scales of the oppression too many are still feeding with my people.
So, if you appreciate what I offer and give, at the bottom of this reading is a link where it says ‘buy me a coffee’ which will lead you to my PayPal link and you can donate whatever you like there. Support, uplift and centre marginalised people and BIPOC creators, educators and practitioners.
Thank you to those that give and give often. I appreciate you appreciating my work so much. Huge love. 
Now, in this reading I will be using two major arcana cards that are specific for this year using numerology. BUT what I want to share, old school which is myself, we would calculate the coming year that holds the major arcana influence as 1/01/2022. Many new practitioners may not know this and just use 2022. Adding all the digits to receive one digit and that will be the major arcana influence for the year.
I’m going to use both to honour both.
So I’m going to begin with the Lovers.
When I ground this card what I actually first see and feel is confusion. I think for many of us coming out of 2021  we are traumatised and exhausted not knowing how to move forward and where to from here which is more than understandable. So what I want to say here is give yourself more time and space to ground, heal and rest. Take the rest of the year and more if needed. Take the pressure off yourself.
And give yourself much more time for reflection while moving through everything and allow yourself this space however long it takes.
Colonisation bullshit is ongoing trauma and pressure on our bodies. Please do not feel you should have all your shit together because the shitty Gregorian calendar clicks over.
One of the most important things for this year is to really ground yourself into your own natural body rhythm and listen to your intuition with how it is best to move forward and live for you. Doesn’t matter what this looks like loves, balance isn’t what most people think it is. Working towards honouring and loving your own intuitive rhythm is utmost important this year and for the years to come.
The other that takes centre is relationships and community. One that is going to take much work and navigation, but you’ll see how it will be centred for most of us this year. The toxicity that’s is absorbed and lived by too many people will be challenged hard this year, so expect more tumultuous bullshit on the planet but also inner reflection and healing within our own relationships with others which comes back to our own belief systems that we carry from wounding we need to question in order to relate to others and build healthy community for all.
This also includes business and career. The way we relate to money, society and our own gifts and creativity. If this isn’t one you’ve been honouring, it will be one that will challenge your own internal structures and beliefs systems with capitalism and it needs to. We cannot carry on the way we have been living and it's an important part of breaking down the structures we have in place that is killing us all. So expect a push to utilise your own gifts and to grow your own gifts to work for yourself.
So understand much of this you’re going to be pushed and swayed a lot and  have that down time for introspection and ongoing healing. Strong conversations and confrontation is to be expected with those we love and don’t. And understand many may not see where you’re coming YET, regardless your knowing will speak otherwise and you’ll be pushed to live what you know which at first can be a little lonely for some but please understand, when we live our knowing we are also moving with the wisdom of the earth.
This also means new starts to business ventures and forming new connections which may be vulnerable for many loves, but it goes with the territory. Navigating and transforming/healing deep seeded pains around relationships also includes transforming relational trauma takes time.
So please be gentle with you.
This is not to say we’re not going to enjoy any highs, we most certainly will but it will always be balanced with lows as well and learning to not fear and accept both is essential.
The next card is the Strength card.
To me this really is the crux of both cards because it’s going to take a lot of strength to navigate through all of this with our own internal bullshit but also environmental and what is happening on the planet. Before people get angry with this, fuck you can’t be surprised. We are living in a shit show. We truly are living the Tower card ma hons this is going to be for many years until something significant like the systemic structures are no longer in place. It is killing us all.
So the Strength card really simply carries a lot of pain and heaviness. It’s a very within feeling I get with this card but it’s also not without its rewards. I see a nice balance of transformation and feeling emotional pain, but I also see a lot of light and how that light gives us strength by transforming what’s needed to walk more anchored to earth and self and some of that has been highlighted above.
I also see sleep and rest maybe thrown off a little for many of us while we move through all of this and to honour your health and wellness. most important.
This card also speaks of self control when it comes to feeling emotional pain in the way of managing your reactions better and to have creative and spiritual practices in place to do this but to also seek support where needed.
I also feel for many of us it will challenge family dynamics bringing about more healing. This is a very within card ma hons and one I encourage to stay in. To stay in your nurturing cave and to honour the time and space we are privileged to have to do this. Gather strength where needed but also reflect how your behaviour and actions affect your own community.
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