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Tarot Insight from 25th of April to the 2nd of May 2021.

The major Arcana influence for this week is the Moon.

Earthing this card, really speaks of grounding and channelling the emotional power and feelings that you’re feeling currently into direction and projects that you want to create. Even if it's just a few small steps forward and getting organised, that's sweet as loves. It’s utilising this energy, and finding productive ways of expressing, manifesting but more importantly moving it. Moving the energy will also lighten some of the grief and anxiety felt.

It's putting to rest what needs to, transforming what needs to be transformed to create something new but to hold your focus and practice grounding the emotional heavy and stay focused on your health and inner peace. 
This energy is potent when it’s channelled productively, and expression is firmly encouraged for your well being too. 
Over the past few weeks it may have been challenging for many people to get a clear understanding of what they’re feeling. This is a window of change to really utilise this energy to ground, transform and create whatever you can within this time period.
I feel also skeletons coming out of the closet. Secrets and truth that have been withheld will be revealed. This will throw in some unexpected energy to navigate through. 
With this revealing, it consists also of looking within. I really want to say to dig deep and get a sense of what that maybe. Some of you already know the truth and may not want to acknowledge it, and this is also part of what will be revealed with quiet reflection. 
I also see possible disagreements within relationships. Not just personal, but also work colleagues but also needed resolutions too. 
This card really speaks of standing strong and to utilise that little bit of clarity that we have this week to anchor what you’re feeling.

The supporting minor arcana is the Knight of Wands. This card supports the major arcana with channelling and moving energy. There’s a small window of clarity that we can use and really channel what it is that we need to do, and make those quick decisions to get things moving in the direction you’re wanting to move into.
This also speaks of movement whether travel or moving house. It’s a really strong encouraging card for you to channel the grief many of us are feeling and dig deep for that fire, and get shit moving.
I even want to say this little bit of a window of clarity, will shift by Saturday. So utilise what you can loves. If you would like to view of book a personal reading with me, click here: 

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