Tarot insight from 25th of November to 2nd December 2018

The major arcana influence for the week is Judgement. If things have been emotional and stressful, I see from mid week onward a play of different situations that are all connected will give you the first glimpse of more than one realisation to what has been bothering you. You will see the the deeper meaning of why you've been feeling the way you do and understand what you've been focusing on or trying to figure it out, has been something much bigger than you anticipated. 

As you can see with the supporting card the Ten of Cups, this breakthrough has been long winded, so the release will get things moving quite quickly but also expect the unexpected. I mentioned above, this is bigger than what you may have thought or guessed it to be, in a positive way but expect the unexpected and a change in direction. 

This is what I feel is coming for 2019 too, unexpected changes and in the course of the direction you may think or have plans to take. From now till April/May, expect the unexpected. Take risks and break open the comfortable box you've placed yourself in. 

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