Tarot Insight from the 10th of January to the 17th of January 2021.

The major arcana card for the week is the Hierophant.

This card came up before the end of 2020, and if I remember correctly was part of the reading for 2021.

Earthing this card, really screams about outdated beliefs systems that have kept you from freeing and reclaiming yourself.
There’s a masking of illusion and emotional wounding hiding behind such outdated beliefs- about one’s self, spiritual beliefs, let’s not forget the upholding of white supremacy which does nothing but keeps us from our knowing self and our relationship to earth and ancestors. It's a manipulation we all need to unthread from the inside out.
These belief systems will come crumbling down whether we choose to tackle this or not, and it will come through personal experiences and through situations that are meaningful to you. It will bring up highly charged emotions that have been hiding behind these belief systems and this is all part of returning to earth. Not a cheesy fucking saying but something to live.
Our ancestors are calling us home. They want us to decolonise and unthread the manipulation we’ve been traumatised to live and believe. The time is now my loves and I would get on that train before that train crashes from complicity. This year is the year.

This is all part in questioning are you really happy? And if not why not? What is it that you are believing about yourself, and how many of these belief systems have you focusing on the pain by choosing to uphold such beliefs? This also speaks of anxiety and grief and what needs your presence to transform what you're feeling and the whys of it. 

The supporting card is the Eight of Cups. Grounding this card really speaks of challenge. And it can be a challenge when you feel your cups are all full and your life feels cushiony, but at the same time not really growing. This card speaks about growing from such belief systems but not without hardship and struggle for some. As I said above, it will be emotional but necessary. This card encourages us to really look deep into the past and see what you’re holding on to and choosing to live an illusion and discomfort, this here is a belief and one to question.
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