Tarot Insight from the 10th of March to the 17th of March 2019

This weeks major arcana influence is Death. It suits the Mercury retrograde energy my loves. gotta keep cuttin away at the bullshit whether comfortable or not, and let's face it, the aftermath of death never is. 

Scrying the Death card, the first thing I receive is what's coming to an end is the  possibilities you may have thought may go somewhere. Maybe you put all your eggs in one basket loves, held onto it in hope for things to change, and change it will but look at the urgency of why you want things to change and why you may have put all your hope into a person, job, situation..whatever it is, and look at the wounding beneath it that is feeding this hope to only let you down again repeating old patterns. 

What I also see with the Death card, is an ease with endings to come. Maybe it may surprise you how you actually handle what's ending, or maybe deep down you've known for a while and it was just a matter of time for things to end naturally. Whatever it is, the Six of Wands shows me it's a positive thing and the 5 of Cups tells me to don't focus too much on what no longer is. We must always give ourselves space to grieve endings no matter how small in the scheme of things. Disconnecting from it will catch up with you in the near future and it will feel bigger than what it was. In saying that, take what needs to be learned from the situation and move on, but don't be in a rush to create something new, which I see all the time. This is just avoidance to feel the grief. Give yourself space to feel and allow the unknown to show you what's coming next which you will feel intuitively. 

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