Tarot Insight from the 111th of July to the 18th of July 2021.

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Loving the cards for this week, I love the Devil showing up in cards. A helpful card to show us where we are needing to place presence and grow from these insecurities and attachments we’ve been hiding pain and fear connected to trauma wounding much of the time.

We have two major arcana cards for this week. The Devil and The Hanged Man.
The cards this week speaks of transformation and healing, asking us to look at the insecurities we’re feeding with belief systems that have been created from trauma wounding attaching ourselves to people, relationships, materialistic possessions and money, outcomes, personal status and it goes on. Anything that is feeding the wounding and growing an unhealthy ego. It’s asking us to look at any emotional pulls attaching ourselves to belief systems that are unhealthy perpetuating the pain associated to these wounds. It’s asking us to pull our energy in and to really have a look at where we are doing this.

The Hanged Man tells us to look at this will be painful, and that’s more than okay to sit in uncomfortable feelings when we can see we are not being truthful to ourselves and others and are not walking in integrity. What I suggest before needing to confront any situation with others on and around this, is to get clear and do the transformational work first. Without doing this, it shows confrontation and emotional chaos, and may for some slip into the same pattern because they don’t feel strong or clear enough to work through the emotions and feelings which will feed toxicity and the degradation of self worth.
Do the transformational work first loves.

The minor arcana card to support the majors is the 6 of Pentacles. Earthing the card, can go either way. It carries a forewarning to be present what needs confronting around this, and if you are to communicate with another person or people. It forewarns of manipulative fuckery and gaslighting you with offers of help or any thing this person or people knows you need support with, pulling on the very insecurities you’re needing to transform bypassing their responsibility within the situation and relationship.
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