Tarot insight from the 11th of November to the !8th of November 2018

The major arcana influence for the week is the Fool. It tells me of sudden unexpected changes. I feel if you already know what needs to be changed and haven't done so yet, or holding off on doing it, I feel this week that little poke forward will present itself. As I said, this change is sudden but shows clear as fuck you're ready for what's to come next. I also feel if you're needing to make a decision, there needs to be some risk taking, and I feel if you choose not to, life will sweep in and make that decision for you. 

The supporting card the Knight of Wands, confirms what I saw, showing it will be sudden and unexpected but the bigger picture shows this change is important and calculated in the way it needs to be just so, a feeling like this change is fated. That sounds dramatic but that's what I see. I also see it will cleanse. Cleaning up any bullshit you don't need to carry anymore. 

I feel if you already sense this change, slow your pace down, pay attention to what you feel and what's happening around you. 

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