Tarot Insight from the 11th to the 18th of October 2020.

The major arcana influence for the week is the Hermit. Kinda fitting as Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th.
Earthing the card, speaks of deep movement within. Deeper than where you’re standing now, readying yourself from the natural feeling to cave more.
In saying that too, there’s a reaction to want to be ‘seen’ more and not in the way that’s healthy for you with you standing strong in who you are, but more of distracting from what’s wanting your attention within from a healing and transforming stance. Watch the neediness that comes up. Be your own observer. Where you feel to act out these insecurities for acknowledgement and wanting to be seen, this is asking you to again explore, know and love yourself here before you reach out and replay old patterns. Also watch the need to want to suppress this with alcohol and drugs, so this should tell you the depth we’re reaching into beginning this week.
Final words for this one, is be your own observer and go beneath the chaos to transform and reclaim more of who you are.

The supporting card is the Knight of Wands. This card actually tells me to process each step and cultivate the knowing and healing within the places you are wanting to transform and move forward in. There is a push pull to want to move forward but also feeling the knowing of ‘not yet.’ Listen to that which is most important because while you’re in your cave transforming continue to listen to your knowing understanding that you’re in a place of birthing and dying at the same time and to not rush forward. Again, be your own observer. If you would like to book a personal clairvoyant/mediumship reading with me via phone, Skype/Messenger or email, click here to browse services and to book: https://snakeandwildroots.com.au/collections/mediumship-readings-tarot-with-clairvoyancy