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Tarot Insight from the 14th of March to the 21st of March 2021.

Looking at the spread for this week even though the cards look lovely, that is something that we’re going to pull apart, because what things look like isn’t what they actually seem, a point many keep avoiding.
There’s like a feeling of chaotic unrest when I look at the spread with all three of them together.

So beginning with a major arcana influence for this week, which is the Lovers, is asking for discernment and exploration into the uncertainty felt through one or two particular relationships. It’s also asking for you to question your emotional reaction to one or more people, and what these relationships actually brings up for you.

It also speaks of speaking your mind openly and gently move through the emotional turmoil that you’re carrying within these relationships, but most importantly to see your responsibility and behaviours within these connections. Having a look at this and taking responsibility, will support to guide you into looking at what needs your presence in order for you to know how to move forward from here with clarity which I feel it’s something that many people have been seeking currently.
Stand back and self observe.
The energy of this week also has a chaotic feeling to it so just move with the energy and whatever comes up.

Two supporting cards came out this week.

The first is the 10 of cups. When I look at this card, I feel a lot of emotional turmoil in the stomach and uncertainty in regards to making decisions. I feel these decisions maybe emotionally fuelled. This is connected to relationships, friendships and even business partnerships.

This card tells me of exploring the emotions and feelings that you are feeling currently, to understand what is actually happening within yourself, then you’ll have a clear understanding of what is going on in the relationships that you are questioning at present. I really want to speak of repair work in relationships, because when I look into this card all I feel is emotional reactions from old wounding. I want to encourage to sit with that before any kind of destruction may happen. But also saying that, it may happen regardless, as sometimes in relationships this needs to be to aired out to see what the issues are, if people are not seeing what the fuck happening.

This card overall speaks of positive outcomes regardless of the chaotic nature of the reading. It’s encouraging you to stand there and transform more of this old wounding but challenging yourself to understand your own reactions and continue to heal what needs to be.The other supporting card is the Page of Pentacles. 

This is a positive card that speaks of possible new opportunities in business and career. It also speaks of moving things around and changing things within relationships and business/career. It also speaks of consistent grounding that will be needed as we continue to transform in this area. Don’t forget to stop and celebrate all of your hard work. If you would like to book a personal clairvoyant/mediumship reading with me click here to view and book services: 

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