Tarot Insight from the 15th of August to the 22nd of August 2021.

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The major arcana influence for the week is the World.
The gorgeous thing about earthing this card, is it speaks loudly of a cycle closing, of endings and beginnings. Of allowing yourself space to grieve the endings or changes that you know or sense are coming. I understand in such a huge time of uncertainty for us all, we want to hang onto what we know is familiar to us, but I also want to encourage small steps and that grieving is what we are all experiencing in our own individual way right now.

I understand sometimes what may appear to be small changes can feel overwhelming when so many of us is feeling anxious, but the truth is, the earth and life is moving on and we must too.

The cycle that is ending isn’t negative it holds positivity too but we are also learning to walk with our emotions as many have and still are disconnecting from what they feel. I understand this comes from pain and trauma but let me gently encourage you all- small steps.
Small steps helps us to process everything as it should be and allow us space to settle into the new, understand and grieve anything we have to.
This new cycle speaks of greater independence, of healing, of new changes in how we live and what our chosen work will be or the changes within our work/career aspect.
And a fuck tonne of grounding is needed loves.

We have two minor arcana supporting the major this week.
The first we have the 7 of Swords. This is the conformation to not betray or go against yourself in knowing what it is you know you need to do but are prolonging the change from holding onto beliefs connected to old wounding. Resisting what needs to be done because it feels too painful to navigate what you’re feeling. This is what I’m saying lovelies, give yourself space to grieve and understand what it is you’re feeling and why it feels difficult to move forward. As long as you’re placing focus here and exploring what’s needed even at times you may feel like it’s going on for too long, you’re doing it. I also encourage to get support if you feel stuck you can also connect with me for support.

The last supporting card is the Two of Coins. Which is a perfect card to end with and speaks of movement and managing the movement of allowing the transformation to unfold to however it may look. I can feel the added pressure in this card as many of us are anxious, depressed and traumatised and understandably so, it can be challenging to feel encouraged and enthusiastic about the future. But we are the future loves, allow yourself the space to keep moving forward knowing we can make the changes necessary, we’re not hopeless we can create the change we need and want.
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