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Tarot Insight from the 15th of December to the 22nd of December 2019.

Major arcana influence for the week is Strength. The Santa Muerte tarot deck had to be the one, having the strong influence of death throughout. Perfect.

Scrying the Strength card, speaks of the obvious- what strength really is and how many think strength is putting walls up, hiding what it really is they need and want to express, protecting the core of the issue and let's not forget the pain and fear of being vulnerable. Yet it reminds us, to create the changes wanted and needed to be seen and heard, is to slowly peel down the walls for real communication and resolution to happen. Protecting yourself from those you don't feel comfortable being vulnerable with is important, but this is not what I feel the guidance is for this week. It's selecting the relationships you do feel comfortable with, and allowing more vulnerability to be shown, to strengthen communication and permitting yourself to be seen and heard from the places you've been protecting. This is growth. Opening yourself up to receive the support and love that you've wanted, but too afraid to peel down barriers. It also speaks of needing to let go of this burden, slowly, as there is no rush and to intuitively listen to yourself so you move at your own pace.

The supporting cards is the 4 of Cups and 8 of Pentacles, which supports exactly what I shared above. The 4 of Cups gently reminds us to not go around in circles and to not overthink on old beliefs you've carried for yourself. It encourages to be mindful and present of your thoughts and emotions. To acknowledge how you feel but do not focus on them as this will find you repeating old patterns. 

The 8 of Pentacles says by being present with all the above, there is growth and through this growth there is success as learning to more vulnerable strengthens relationships and trust in yourself. Strength through this knowing, shows money and career changes in the near future. Health matters also shows in this card and tells of the healing process will take a new unexpected changes for the better. If you would like to book an insightful clairvoyant/mediumship reading into 2020 that looks into main events, healing focuses including any questions you may have, click the link here to send me a message:

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