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Tarot Insight from the 17th of March to the 24th of March 2019.

The major arcana influence this week is the Hanged Man. The first sense I receive earthing this card is this clear separation from knowing. A strong sense of being too involved with the pain you may be feeling. It's a strong sense of not wanting to let go of tumultuous emotions because that would mean letting go of a certain situation or a person/people you have feelings for. Though focusing on the pain isn't resolving anything and you're actually choosing to live in the past, choosing to not heal. The realisation to the situation is right there for the taking, and this week is a focus on moving towards letting go what has happened and cultivating energy for what's to come. 

And the supporting cards suggest this too. The first is the 8 of Swords which shows being binded by your own turmoil and pain and the Page of Wands along with the Hanged Man suggests moving the energy and begin slowly looking at the pain you're feeling. Take what you need to learn and grow from it, and if not expect the unexpected of more chaos to come because you're choosing to hold onto the pain which is just going to create more pain in the near future. 

You do not need to resolve it all in one go if there's a lot of pain to move through, slowly slowly darlins as long as you begin to look at why you're choosing to not let it go and what is it that you need to do so you can. If you would like to book a clairvoyant/mediumship reading with me via phone, email or Skype, click here: