Tarot Insight from the 17th of November to the 24th of November 2019.

The major arcana influence for the week is the Wheel of Fortune. 

Earthing the card, speaks of changes. How those changes play out depends on the choices you make. The Wheel of Fortune is neither good nor bad, and it tells us that changes are on the cusp, but how they will unfold is another thing altogether. When I scry the card, I see how there is movement but also how easy it is to fall back into what you know is familiar out of fear of stepping out into the unfamiliar and changing things for the better. I see the wheel turn one way, then back so keep this in mind when you make choices and decisions for yourself understanding that when you create authentic change, that yes, you will have to feel through some old emotional wounding connected to old behavioural patterns in order to move forward, and if not be aware you'll step back straight into what's familiar. What is familiar isn't growing, and this week I see challenges and chaos that can be very possible if you choose not to challenge yourself out of the old. 

To move out of old behavioural patterns, is to make small steps towards what you know you want for yourself. Each small step creates change. There's no hurry, and this way you can process each step made and the emotions surrounding them. Surrounding these choices and decisions is heavy emotion, so also be aware to make sure when you do make the decisions that is authentic for you, that it isn't emotional otherwise you'll find you're stuck in old patterns. Give yourself space to calm your storm, to gain the clarity you need to make the right choices for you. 

The two supporting cards is the Queen of Cups and the Six of Wands. The Queen of Cups supports what I shared above. She is also the queen of her domain- of emotions, creativity, her spirituality and confirms to stand strong in what you feel and give yourself the space to feel the emotion so the energy can move through you. To overthink, is to stay caught in what you feel. Don't focus on the what ifs, understand the fears knowing your fears are here to keep you grounded, safe and to heal where needed, not to hold you back. 

The Six of Wands confirms that by moving through everything shared above, it will be of great importance and a celebration gently pushing yourself towards more and knowing you are deserving of it. Mercury goes direct this Wednesday, so slowly you should feel a lightness, but as usual there is more. More astrological aspects will be shared soon. If you would like to book a clairvoyant/mediumship reading with me via email, phone or Skype/messenger just click the link below loves: