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Tarot Insight from the 17th of October to the 24th of October 2021.

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The major arcana influence for the week is, Temperance. The Temperance card I’m using has an image of a tiger moving through ocean waves. The image of the card speaks loudly for this reading.

Earthing the card, it’s felt like a surge of power wanting to break through, and I see it like pushing through the surface of earth but that earth feels solid and thick.
What this tells me is to feel into those comfort zones you’ve made feel real safe for yourself, but it’s actually protecting pain connected to past wounding of feeling shame and inadequacy, a layer of fear and the fear to be vulnerable to be seen. Have you been confronting areas that you've wanted to be seen in? Or wanting to really come out and be yourself, but there has been a couple of things that have held you back for a while now from feeling shame which has much to do with past experiences. It speaks of physical beauty, fortune and resilience and creating more of this in your life. 

Of course it’s going to feel like you’re feeling more if you’re present with your emotions. And though transforming this layer will take time and it will be messy, you’re ready for it. This shit comes in cycles and layers. We never just get it all, because as you grow there will be layers upon layers of transformation and what you once knew expands. Take the pressure off yourself and focus on what’s emerging. This bullshit of we must know all now, is always part of a self sabotaging pattern because that is setting up oneself to feel failure, inadequacy and powerless again before you even begin.
It’s shit like this to be aware of this week ma loves.
Persevere, is the message. It’s meant to challenge you, otherwise you’d already be living what you feel. It’s all there, it’s being mindful and present, transforming the wounded self. That is an ongoing relationship that should be built on love and respect.

The supporting card is the King of Disks.
The dwelling within fertility, of feeling the new energy emerge. At the same time experiencing death. That murkiness of transformation and the unknown with all the emotional shit and to stay present with it. If not, you may find yourself reacting on pain. The pain that needs love and presence not reaction. Reaction will keep you in the same stuck pattern. Don’t over indulge in this place. Be aware of what you’re feeling and use your spiritual and creative practices to support you through it.
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