Tarot Insight from the 18th of July to the 25th of July 2021.

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Major arcana influence for the week is the Star. This is short and sweet ma lovelies which is nice in it's simplicity and opens up the energy for Chiron retrograde which we have till December. I will post more about this on my Facebook page this week.

Earthing the card, this is a contemplative week taking you deep into emotional and intuitive waters asking for your presence and listening to the insight in understanding and feeling the edges of newness. 
I see it as a submersion to feel, and this may take you into spaces you may not quite understand yet and let it be so.
It’s the space of in between when we are changing and transforming not yet understanding where or how, and how it’s going to look. This is an area to strengthen. To trust the self and the mystery of life and it's encouraged to use this space to create and keep your spiritual practices up. 
This isn’t a space to overthink but allow for natural introspection that is guided intuitively. What you may come against is situations, concerns around relationships and career aspect that needs confronting. This isn’t necessarily bad, but more of what do I really want? And how do I really feel about things?
Being present with these feelings will naturally gravitate you towards transformation around these areas.
Be gentle on yourself, and just listen and act when it feels right for you. Do not ignore and deny what you’re feeling.

The supporting card is the Queen of Cups.
This supports the insight above by kindly reminding yourself to strengthen yourself to feel and not denying the truth of what you know.
Most people read the tarot like the Kings rule the court cards and rule the domain of each suit and elements. Not the way I read tarot, as the Kings are restrictive but Queens are consistently growing and moving with the element they rule.
And this is what I want you to keep in mind- consistent moving and growing. Flowing with what is natural for you, which of course includes transformation. So this week is encouraging you to be. To listen. To feel and honour what you feel with no pressure and overthinking. To overthink is to be caught in anxiety of the wound it touches on. Work out what wound it's touching on and keep moving forward without being caught in old patterns.
Lots of rest and listening. Go gently.

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