Tarot Insight from the 19th of January to the 26th of January 2020.

Beginning with the I Ching reading:

This weeks hexagram is governed by the sea and heavens. It carries the most peaceful feeling and encourages us to flow with our own natural rhythm keeping focused on how our real self feels, the messages of our intuition. 

The lower trigram is Dui governed by the sea. The peace we receive when we are in flow with our ancestors and the earth, listening deeply to the messages we feel in the body and taking action on them. Dui tells us that when we are in flow, we are in sync with the earth like the movement of water we gently or ferociously move through each obstacle however the intuitive response feels and needed. This also speaks of taking note of your dream state and allowing your body to know the difference when you are in your own natural rhythm and when you are not.

The upper trigram is governed by Qian, heaven. This trigram speaks of simplicity. How simplicity is when we listen to the voice of our real self and when coupled with the sea, we nourish the earth by nourishing ourselves by acting on and embracing our natural rhythm. This hexagram is one of peace. 


This weeks tarot reading goes hand in hand with the I Ching reading. This weeks major arcana influence is the Empress. 

This card speaks of nourishment and wholeness, and if you are feeling depleted in areas in your life and/or in your body, this card speaks loudly for you to take the reigns of your mental, emotional and physical wellness. To draw your energy in and listen to what it is your body and spirit is needing. When we are exhausted it is easy to push on from a depleted state, but this weeks reading is screaming not to. To move forward in this way is to further your distress. I also see release in this card. Creating space to listen to yourself and release whatever it is you're feeling. If you choose to ignore the message of your body, I see the tower rising from beneath. Know your spirit needs to be heard. When we are moving on old conditioned patterns, it is so easy to get lost in grief and exhaustion. Small steps my loves. Small steps to getting back into your flow by making space for quiet time and putting more presence in how you are treating your physical and mental health. 

The supporting card is the Queen of Cups. Water is her terrain. Always naturally moving with what it is she is feeling, and this is exactly what it is needed to come out of your overthinking state and back into your body. To book a clairvoyant/mediumship reading, I Ching or Bone reading via Skype/Messenger, email or phone please click the link here to book: https://snakeandwildroots.com.au/collections/mediumship-readings-tarot-with-clairvoyancy