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Tarot Insight from the 1st of August to the 8th of August 2021.

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This weeks reading is short and straight to the point. After feeling into the energy shift yesterday evening, these two cards describe perfectly what we will be feeling/experiencing. Cards are from the Dark Goddess tarot.

The major arcana influence for the week is the Corruption- the Devil.

We are on the edge of experiencing yet again the rattle of Maa Kali so there’s no surprise we received these two cards.
The Corruption card is showing where you’re not seeing clearly and what aspects in your life and self you are sacrificing feeding self betrayal which very possibly may be experiencing outwardly in relationships in physical and emotional attachments. These attachments are not healthy and can be felt emotionally feeding insecurity where you need to give presence and healing to yourself instead of reaching outside of you for validation where it’s asking you to acknowledge the places of power you’re not seeing clearly because you’re feeding false self beliefs that are destructive coming from a place of wounding.

The minor arcana supporting card, the Seven of Water speaks of choices, decisions and illusion. It’s asking for self awareness in these areas that are deeply emotional asking for clarity and grounding in these areas. It also shows how strong these attachments are and the stubbornness of even sitting with the possibility of transformation in these areas bringing up anger, frustration, grief and pain.
When we escape our emotional body and create fantasy by choosing to not see clearly in the areas that hold pain, the illusion grows as does the fear and pain. The next six weeks is going to rattle these areas so you can explore and place presence in these areas. This highlights relationships, so relationship to yourself and money/career aspect and the abandonment wounding many feed beneath money issues.
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