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Tarot Insight from the 21st of December to the 27th of December 2020.

The major arcana influence for the week is the World.

When I pull cards for the week, I tune into the energy of the earth and read how it will move us, the vision and feeling I received when I pulled the World card was the rumble of an earthquake. There’s so much power in this reading, and reading the energy keeps showing to come back to your foundation of morality, respect and integrity and to stand strong in it. This is in respect to the challenges that may be faced this week within personal and business relationships. Understanding this week speaks of our foundations being rattled and makes sense with the astrological aspects that are in place along with solstice.
Challenges and situations this week is asking you to stand your ground with integrity and respect for yourself and what you know is true for you. It’s staying true to your boundaries and moving through any emotions that may sway you once you are challenged from those that you are having relationships with.
When you lay your boundaries down you must follow through otherwise your boundaries won’t hold meaning.
I understand when a person is feeling pressured and vulnerable it can be easy to make excuses and allowances because you don’t want to upset anyone, but understand the distress and resentment it will cause you in the long run.
Doing so speaks of a cycle ending, so they will either respect what you have to say and the relationship will grow or it may come to and end. Either way actioning this self respect and integrity, will ground and earth the growth you’ve worked hard for.

The supporting card is the Nine of Pentacles and speaks about listening to your knowing and actioning it where it’s being voiced within certain situations you know deep down you have to speak up. Living your knowing by not bypassing it, without doing so will stir up more chaos and emotional turmoil.
Listen and act on what you intuitively feel.
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