Tarot Insight from the 21st of March to the 28th of March 2021.

Interesting layout we have this week, but it comes with no surprise.
I'm sure many of us are feeling that fire grow knowing there’s a fuck tonne of death and rebirth happening. Many may not even know with clarity they’re moving through deep change, still feeling unclear with direction but slowly moving through and facing whatever challenges that we need to confront.

The major arcana influence for the week is the Sun.
The Sun is a positive card, and in this case it’s asking for your clarity, patience and self awareness. It’s asking you to be not be overly eager in moving forward. Most people do this because of the anxiety they feel not feeling like they’re standing on solid ground, unclear with direction and they grab onto any idea or thought of action that comes straight from conditioned responses. Meaning, replaying old patterns and although some may mistake this for clarity, the cards speak to stay present because there is still more to receive.
Observe your reactions, understand where they’re coming from and feel what you need to embody and ground this change.

There is two supporting cards this week. The 9 of Swords and the 8 of Cups.
This speaks of overthinking the changes you’re feeling. Understandable when we’re wanting to put roots down to live the changes that’s forming and what’s to come next. Coupled with the 8 of Cups, it's encouraging you to go deep, beneath the emotional chaos and anxiety to understand the root cause of what you’re feeling.
When we overthink shit, we’re no longer in our bodies trapped in our minds going around and around in the same pattern of self doubt, because we’re caught between our knowing and conditioned responses.
Go deep. Introspect. Feel and give yourself permission for as much quiet as you need. This is no small change.
Understand not going deeper, will have you caught in confusion for a lot longer than needed. See this as an obstacle you need to get clear in, and regardless there will be endings but also understand it's because there is new coming. This spread tells us to not dwell in your inner bullshit. 
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