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Tarot insight from the 23rd of August to the 29th of August 2021.

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The major arcana influence for the week is Death. There is a second major arcana I will be reading, it was chosen as the second supporting card after the minor arcana but it felt right to share as I usually wouldn’t, but the flow of these three speak loudly.

It is essential to put attention around knowing we’re going through a death. Knowing we are going through a collective and personal death, and I’m pointing this out to explain we will experience similar cycles of grief and loss as we would when we go through a death of self but this time it’s unique, it’s all of us.

When I speak of letting go, I always remind loves that letting go is a process, a messy as fuck one as we are shedding how life once was and moving through the unknown learning to trust ourselves in an unknown space while we slowly get a sense of the life and person we are transforming into and that can take a while. Like now as a personal and collective transmutation. We are all moving through it personally because it effects and is all of us, we are earth too. People forget that.

Saying all of that, points to the death card in this reading and although these are weekly readings, death is something individually to get comfortable and develop a relationship with, as death in the western world isn’t one that is faced realistically and hidden like it’s something fucking taboo.
Sit with it more and more. Understand this is what’s happening and how you feel will change often, you’ll feel as emotional as fuck and even lost at times. You’ll be exhausted. That's what it’s like. The death card showing in this spread and reading with the energy right now, holds an importance and a necessary encouragement of practicing self and environmental awareness.

The supporting cards are the King of Cups and the Devil.
Earthing the King of Cups, feels like a supportive card in the way of emotional honesty. Being honest with how you feel and allowing yourself to sit with the pain of what feels like an epiphany or realisation around a particular situation, about yourself or another.

The Devil card is the wisdom to follow on from the King of Cups, how the pain will not contract and be suppressed this time, the energetic weather tells me this pain will and needs to be gently confronted head on and slowly.
Don’t just expect it to be an emotional week, expect it to be emotional. To feel, to respect and honour it. I will forever remind everyone to just keep moving with how you feel. If you would like to book a personal reading you can view and book services here:

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