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Tarot Insight from the 23rd of May to the 30th of May 2021.

The major arcana influence for the week is the Fool. And with another Mercury retrograde thrown into the shit mix of what is, this is exactly what I would encourage to allow yourself to be open to whatever comes.

Earthing the card, the feeling is a little stale and stagnant, scrying the energy of the Fool card.
What I feel is a mix of emotions, and a sense of feeling scattered or without direction to channel what you’re feeling and grasping a sense of what it is that you’re meant to be doing in career and relationships with certain people.
And I actually want to encourage you to stay here. Don’t feel you have to make decisions as all the pieces haven’t fluently come together yet.
This space of the unknown, isn’t one that many are encouraged to just be in, but it’s one of the most important spaces and experiences for our spiritual and emotional growth.
And as we walk into Mercury retrograde on the 29th, give yourself permission to let go of the expectations you are putting on yourself. Don’t rush to move forward, this will only create more confusion. Practice to observe what you’re feeling and thinking, to transform and reflect in the spaces of your spiritual and creative practices. Ease up on the pressure, this retrograde will offer the clarity you’re seeking.

The supporting card is the 6 of Pentacles. Earthing this card, actually speaks more of balance. Balance what you’re giving to yourself and to others. There’s deep insecurity felt in this card from exhaustion which will also add to the confusion and the pressure you can place on yourself to want to know what it is you need to do to calm what you’re feeling. Not rushing into decisions is one, the other is balancing where you’re exerting your energy when you should be resting and nurturing yourself. Go slowly. Know the open space of the unknown and observe yourself within it. If you would like to book a clairvoyant/mediumship reading with me, click here to view and book services:

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