Tarot Insight from the 25th of August to the 1st of September 2019.

Tuning into the earth, the major arcana influence for the week is, surprise surprise - the Tower. 

Scrying the card is of course unexpected change or changes I feel to say. I feel in the beginning the changes may start with a slow rattlin, which is for you to sense something larger to come. This doesn't come as a surprise with the current feel of energy and what's happening to our precious planet. This change speaks of fire, a transmutation and clearing out with all the pieces falling on your lap, analysing and feeling into each piece so you can feel (not decide with your mind but your intuition) which pieces stay and which ones go. I feel this reading is to be for the next three weeks. 

This is not to say this change is negative, but one to bring you closer and closer to who you are and the earth. This doesn't carry a negative feel, more of an uncomfortable one in the sense of feeling the emotional overwhelm, and the peak of anxiety with the 'what ifs' hanging over your head, but ultimately it's a fuck yeah loves. Stay strong, positive and grounded. This change must be felt through intuitively and emotionally in order to reap in all the goodness. Let yourself be swept up to higher ground honeys. Don't feel you have to stay in a cycle of struggle because it's been that way for too long. Time to step out of the box, and reevaluate what you actually want now before it happens, so you don't find yourself hanging on to old bullshit because it's a conditioned reaction to. 

And this really confirms with the two supporting cards, the Three of Cups and the Two of Cups. The Three of Cups feels like relief because for so many of us, unexpected changes can be hung onto and usually seen as a negative one, but this shows a celebration and a sense of happiness. The Two of Cups feels like coming to a resolution to any kind of opposition you've been up against for some time. There's a lovely sense of peace with this card me loves. So a bit peaky, but ultimately all fucking good. If you would like to book a clairvoyant/mediumship reading, Shagai (Mongolian bone reading) or I Ching, click on the link here: https://snakeandwildroots.com.au/collections/mediumship-readings-tarot-with-clairvoyancy