Tarot Insight from the 26th of July to the 2nd of August 2020.

We only have tarot this week as I’m in the middle of moving house.

The major arcana influence for the week is the World.
This card tells us a cycle of life is coming to an end. So if you’re feeling a bit out of sorts, sit with what you know needs to end, or you know what’s coming to an end and challenge yourself to let go to step into the unknown. Whether you like it or not, death is speaking to you, shaking shit to the very core. And though you maybe emotional about what’s coming to an end, know it’s healthy and expected and give yourself space to feel it all out.
This new cycle of what you’re walking into is clear if you let it be so. And what I mean by that, is not dramatising the emotion you’re feeling ‘of what could have been’ which does nothing but keep you in the past replaying old wounding of an old abusive cycle.
This change is asking for a clean cut, and the new creativity, opportunities and experiences awaits you that’s not smothered in old beliefs that keeps you stagnant af.

The support of the minor arcana card the Ace of Cups, confirms what is felt in the World card. Expect to feel emotional. Fuck, of course you’re going to feel all the uncomfortable feelings, that’s life loves. And yes to feeling vulnerable of not knowing where to from here, again that’s life. People are so caught in babying their wounds, when they’re confronted of what needs to be dealt with, it can be dramatised to the max which is feeding the old beliefs which feeds the stagnation of moving forward.
How this moves for you right now depends on what you are choosing to feed. Move with your knowing. Acknowledge what you feel and see where things land. Understand, if you choose to deny what needs changing, expect that kick in the cunt ma darlins. Ancestors, spirit are not subtle when we make the wrong choices.
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