Tarot Insight from the 27th of February to the 6th of March 2022.

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Tarot insight for this week isn’t our usual but kinda is too.This week three cards were chosen all major arcana- the World, the Chariot and the Hermit.
As usual, I ground the spread to the earth always so let’s be real about the shit that’s happening here.

So these three cards are really obvious and does speak of more turbulence and heightened energy also speaks of working with the intensity of feelings. To be expected. But I’m not going to give you the usual insight, my insight this week is to use small practical steps to look after yourself. I understand this is anxiety provoking times, so let’s always be realistic and work with what we have. Keep it simple.

Work at grounding the anxiety. Now before people say that’s easier said than done, exactly it is, but complaining about it and not trying to form it into a practice so you can get stronger, won’t get you anywhere but will have you always responding from a fearful place, instead of living from knowing which is what we want. I’m here to remind you to not to do that. You are safe, so I encourage you to do it.
Speaking to witches especially because this is our training regardless, it’s not to shut down fear, but to acknowledge and work with it.

This isn’t to minimise anything, but to support clarity in a time of chaotic. My training is for times of chaos we walk in chaos, we live it. That said I want to share to work with the anxiety. Work on grounding it to listen, acknowledge and act on it when needed, BUT when and if the time comes you need to, your knowing will direct you in the way you need to move. So continue to strengthen by working with your ancestral and divination practices which should always include ground work outside. Most important these practices are utilised in times like this not forgotten.

The other is, remind yourself that your safe because most of us are. Work at not burning yourself out with anxiety when you are safe right now where you can continue to learn to strengthen your knowing and clarity. Get prepared for anything if that’s what you feel will ease some anxiety. Stop and physically look around and see that you are safe. Go outside, speak to someone (you can hit me up too) but small steps.

Take each day as it comes.

I don’t want to go too much into it right now. I want everyone to have the space to process what they’re feeling. But for now that’s what I will offer and we’ll chat again soon. Will keep in touch with you on this.

Huge love to all.

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