Tarot insight from the 2nd of December to the 9th of December 2018

Can you believe November came and went! So quick loves. This week, the major arcana influence is the Lovers.  When I look at the card, I see the couple moving apart and coming back together again, which tells me this is more of a time of introspection. If you're in a relationship or business partnership or have a close friend that you're so used to doing things with, I want to say put some space around it for change. Let things move apart because regardless, it will happen. 

Space to grow, however that eventuates. These changes feel strong and solid, and the supporting card the Four of Cups, tells me it may not easy for some of you to allow the changes to happen. Although, I want to say to trust it all because whats on the other side of that feels really good. It's more of dealing with the emotion that arises from the experience. 

Keep making space for the new. Just sit in it, feel the possibilities and wait for the right one to tell you 'it's that way.'

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