Tarot Insight from the 2nd of May to the 9th of May 2021.

The major arcana influence for the week is The Hanged Man.

The first vision I received earthing this card is seeing the Hanged Man being dumped in water, then pulled out again, then dumped in water.
And it was like this sense of refreshing waves of new emotion. What I mean by that is unexpected connections, reconnections, offers or opportunities which will give you fresh focus, not a distraction.
I say that because I understand when we experience something that’s good, to run away with the feelings surrounding them. This insight from this card is a fuck no to that as we will be challenged to earth and navigate through it all to be challenged to face old perspectives that are rooted in pain to offer something new to bloom from it.
It will take some time to see things through fresh eyes and not pain, but grab the opportunity or offer if it feels right.
Right now with all the fuckery that’s happening around the world, I really want to encourage to do regular mental health check ins with yourself and those you love and care about. Check in with people that you know and approach loves with full presence. Stay connected and grounded loves. We a lot more to come globally soon.

There are two supporting cards for this week both twos. The Two of Wands and the Two of Pentacles.
Which supports the insight from the major above, it is time of pause and reflection between managing changes and doing what we need. It’s a time to slow down but also to be intentional with the changes and decisions you make at this time. Intent and authenticity is going to push and sway us all to move with the current energetic weather, while Pluto retrogrades till October, know this pressure will be felt through our emotional body more so. These two together also share an intensity of also wanting to be self destructive and react on pain and anger when the pressure is on. Why space for quiet reflection will be needed and often. To take breathers from the intensity and do what you need to process what you're feeling. If you give space to relationships that are meaningful to you, make sure you communicate and come up for air. It is too easy for loves to lose themselves in heavy emotion. 
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