Tarot Insight from the 30th of January to the 6th of February 2022.

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The major influence for the week is the Magician. Grounding this card, there’s some power that shoots through as soon as I look at it. This tells me there are a couple of things that will come together this week, whether physically manifested or realisations where you’ll gain clarity around a few things you’ve been waiting to come together and the clarity needed to move forward while feeling through and processing the many transformations we’ve all endured. What a year last year loves. Give yourself the time to process and ground it all. You can't rush this.

With this power and clarity gained, there’s also a responsibility in knowing how to manifest it in making the right decisions and voicing what’s needed to get shit moving.
Potent card loves. Full of power and clarity. This feels good but it always asks for your presence and the need to pay more attention to your inner world.
Our emotional and spiritual world may feel a little more intense because of this and that’s to be expected. Grieve what’s needed for you to let go, this includes a self that’s no longer you and the possibility of you holding onto old connections and habits out of obligation and fear of letting go of the old. Fear of being seen, of being vulnerable which is a power in itself when you stand in it. 
You’ve been processing this change for some time loves. Gift yourself the power of growth and work towards letting go of what you know you need to.

The supporting card is the King of Cups.
This is an intense card of emotions. Lots of emotions you’re familiar with and it feels intense. It’s exactly what I mentioned above when we experience changes like this it will feel intense but that’s more to do with the fear of letting go. Getting caught in your head and over thinking things is the manifestation of the fear. Ground yourself. Do more work on grounding this week and see for yourself how peaceful it is for you to live what you know is true for you. If you would like to book a personal clairvoyant/mediumship reading with me click the link to view and purchase a service: https://snakeandwildroots.com.au/collections/mediumship-readings-tarot-with-clairvoyancy

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