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Tarot Insight from the 30th of May to the 6th of June 2021.

We have two major arcanas for this week. Both influence this week.

The two major arcana influences for the week is the Star and the Tower.
Putting them together speaks of breaking through false hopes, new direction through inner exploration from unexpected situations, with the influence of the past and/or people coming back from the past offering personal resolution so you can take steps forward and rebuild from here again.

The Star speaks of spiritual and emotional breakthroughs of false hopes connected to particular situations and relationships in the present that you’ve been unsure of from recent or past experiences rattling truth, bringing falsehoods and true intentions of yourself and the other parties to light. I see too much emotion that has been fed into over questioning self and the situation that may have left you feeling old trauma wounds running on the adrenaline of the anxiety provoked from this situation. The Star claims for you to connect deeper with your spiritual practices exploring another layer of wounding to ground the truth and pain that is needed for you to understand and move on from these connections that is holding you back causing emotional turmoil. Although you may have done some work around this, this message is for you to go deeper to see there is more that is needed as part of the avoidance is not being ready to confront the wholeness of the pain caused and provoked.

The Tower speaks of the breaking through as shared above. It also speaks of unexpected confrontation- and not necessarily in the way of fighting but more of people from the past wanting to make an entrance back into your life to resolve matters. This does not mean it will go this way, but the bridge is there and to embrace the unsettling energy of emotions being pushed to the surface and give yourself the time to process instead of reacting on old wounding replaying the same pain if it’s doable. Every situation and relationship is unique and should be treated as such.
Situations that feel like loss absolutely can be, but some situations is actually a gain but old wounding tells you it’s a great loss from the grief felt and connected to past trauma. The next card says it all, and to please go slowly and be gentle with yourself.

The supporting card for these two, is the Four of Wands. It really speaks for itself that whether there is resolution within the situation and relationship, either way it shows the positivity in rebuilding and moving on. It’s highly encouraged to go through the emotional healing with a fine tooth comb or it will peak within the next four to six weeks and more chaos can be expected. I feel this message really runs for next three weeks. If you would like to book a personal clairvoyant/mediumship reading with me, click the link to view and book services:

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