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Tarot Insight from the 31st of January to the 7th of February 2021

We have three cards this week, was a feeling to pull three. Keep in mind Mercury is now retrograding for the next three weeks too loves. Pull in and listen.

Our major arcana influence for the week is Temperance. Pretty sure Temperance was our major arcana influence for last week too.

Earthing this card, the first thing I see is growth pushed up from deep under what we see as the surface. So what this tells me is high emotion or unexpected feelings around a certain situation that will come to a crossroads within the next two weeks.
We will see what is coming if we stay grounded and listen to our knowing and can ease into this transformation instead of catching us off guard and reacting on what we feel.
This isn’t anything to be concerned about, more of practice staying grounded and looking into these feelings deeper than you have before.

Practice learning to sit in discomfort and commit to exploring and transforming the pain that is required. It is a transformation that will take time as each piece must be transformed just so. I feel this transformation will thread through to every part of your life and how important it is to honour the grief and learn the language of its own knowing that it wants to share with you.
This energy very much reminds me of volcanic energy. Stay grounded as fuck loves.

The supporting cards are the 7 of Cups and the Four of Cups.
Earthing the 7 of Cups speaks of decisions, paying attention to finer details and allowing space to reflect before making these strong decisions which will shape a different direction of you.
The Four of Cups speaks of also not allowing yourself to stay stuck in heavy emotion when it comes up around these changes. The importance of keeping your practices up to continue to transform what you’re needing to, understanding those heavy places of grief will take time and more presence to transform. Going around and around with concerns and worries will tell you to go deeper with your healing, or you’re taking the wrong direction or the timing isnt quite yet. Slower steps are needed to process everything just so.
Remember, small steps, commitment, grounding and presence.
Keep your finger on the pulse, this one is a big one.

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