Tarot Insight from the 3rd of August to the 9th of August 2020.

Just the tarot insight for this week loves.

The major arcana influence for the week is the Devil.
Scrying the card it speaks of indulgence. The kind of overindulgence where you've lost yourself in delusion created from the neediness of old wounds. This card is highlighting escapism from emotional pain and to look and feel into where in your life this is pointing you too.
There’s a fuck tonne of emotion and neediness entwined in an unhealthy pattern of relating to yourself and others, this is what the insight of this card encourages, to be blatantly honest with yourself so you know where to begin the healing and self awareness around what potentially will be a little messy to walk away from.

Core wounding such as this, is when a trauma has been experienced one too many times in an ancestral line that the emotion within it becomes the focus, drive along with a hefty amount of unhealthy coping mechanisms which is a set of dysfunctional beliefs so tightly woven it keeps the energy knotted, and will challenge the fuck out of you to grow through each layer as you learn to love and stand in this wound.

Scrying the 10 of Pentacles speaks of relationships, communication and the hard conversations that need to be had. This also speaks of unexpected communication, disagreements and resolutions. Through highlighting the above within the Devil card, it may assist you in understanding what needs to be seen by you first before having those heart and hard conversations.
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