Tarot Insight from the 4th ofAugust to the 11th of August 2019.

Tuning into the earth and shuffling the cards, the major arcana influence for the week is the Emperor. 

Scrying the cards tells me things may feel a little over the place of late particularly with navigating some pretty important changes for a lot of you lovelies, this card tells me you're going to get a clearer and stronger sense of where you are right now and where to from here, getting shit done. Things still may feel a little messy, but it's with certainty you're going to pull things together and get things moving. The past few weeks may have felt really emotional for some, but this feels like getting structure and solutions to what you've been dealing with. The supporting card is the 5 of Swords, which tells me you may have to let go of certain beliefs, outcomes and emotion in order for you to get a clear sense of moving forward. Shits happened, I understand and a lot may have changed. I understand there will be let down and feeling all the emotion attached to it, this card is saying to acknowledge and work through it but at the same time not to hold onto it so you can move forward loves. Most important thing darlin hearts is that you're moving forward for you. There just seems to feel like there is a significance to the feeling in the ground so I've added a Shagai reading (Mongolian bone reading) below. 

The future sense I get with this reading, is there will be more of a need for solitude in the near future. This feels good, has a nurturing feeling to it along with an introspective feeling and a need to be closer to the earth. More nature time to hear yourself. There's such strength to this. A feeling to quieten yourself as there is more new to come. To know things have changed and that's more than okay. 

This will also be a time where you'll find out which connections are important and solid, as I see a strong sense of community but not as you may think. It's more of counting on those select few you can trust and grow relationships with, and these relationships is going to be part of your strength and foundation to want more solitude and to really give back to yourself what it is you feel you're being directed to give and to live. 

Lastly I feel business and career. For those of you that have been feeling a little uncertain with the direction with your business and career, in your solitude you will sense what it is you really want to do if you stay focused on healing what it is you need to heal inside. This is an important part of the guidance received because the unsettledness you're feeling requires depth to grow and change. 

I can tell you right now loves, after sitting with my ancestors the last three weeks, the earth is shifting again. It will be profound shift and you will see this on a global scale. So listen to what you're feeling. Really listen to what you feel inside and follow it through. This is a no fuck around time, it's a time to really take yourself seriously. To book a reading with via phone, Skype or email loves click here to book: https://snakeandwildroots.com.au/collections/mediumship-readings-tarot-with-clairvoyancy