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Tarot Insight from the 5th of December to the 12th of December 2021.

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We have a few cards to get through this reading. I’ve purposely pulled more than our usual two as yesterday’s new moon and solar eclipse has opened the door to a new wave energy that will build up towards Venus retrograde and continue on into the new year so expect that we walk into 2022 with it being intense. The focus is more on change, endings and relationships which always comes back to our relationship to ourselves.

So I open this reading with earthing the Magician card which tells me that we are being pushed to go deeper and to use our strengths and gifts to navigate the emotion that will surface from the strong energy of December which includes Venus retrograding around mid month. It also shows for us to be very gentle with ourselves and to expect for some of us, there will be changes with work and career. Changes that are supportive but may not feel it at first. It’s showing me that it will rattle the foundation for many to point us towards something new. It also speaks of nature connection and the importance of grounding what we feel throughout the month of December. It’s a given anyway, but the energy will be strong with possible conflicts. Grounding will support you to see clearer and navigate what you feel with more ease. This month expect the unexpected especially within work/career/money and relationships.
Don’t fear it. You have the insight, just keep it in mind and move with it. It also speaks of strengthening yourself within the changes you experience so you can fear less and anchor yourself more within it by not resisting it and grounding throughout. This is going to be a powerful month loves. 

The next two supporting cards confirms what I feel and it’s the 10 of Swords and the 7 of Cups. The 10 of Swords tells me that it’s time to confront what needs confronting that holds lies and illusion around the relationship with self and others. It speaks of no more bullshit. What needs to be confronted in relationships feels like it won’t come as a surprise to some, knowing what needs to be dealt with. For others it may be seeing a side of a friend, family or partner that may shake things up for you, or you coming to realise feelings that you may not know was there with a person or people you are in relationship with. 

The 7 of Cups has added insight of choices and decisions but I also feel self betrayal here too. To watch your emotion and anger and to not resist what’s asking for your presence by lying to yourself from anger because you’re angry at the thought of change, because it’s not going the way you would like it to. This illusion will do nothing but set you up for more pain in the near future. Explore the pain within the rage and that will give you the clarity needed without fucking yourself over.

The final card is the Death card. Yes ma loves, I said intense it will be. Things that need to come to an end and dealing with the finality of it which includes you making brand new fucking choices that are authentic you in these two areas that will surface. Death is growth, the unknown and rebirth. This card asks for you to be clear and to not resist the change that will be regardless if there’s avoidance or not it's gonna happen. If you would like to book a personal clairvoyant/mediumship reading with me, click here to view and book a service:

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