Tarot Insight from the 6th of December to the 13th of December 2020.

The major arcana influence for the week is The Star.

Earthing the card, speaks of dreamworld and manifestation. What stands out is the spirit movement and swift energy of change which physically may slow things down in the physical feeling the need to rest more. To slow your pace and take care of your physical body and your immediate environment to give yourself the nurturance you need in order to process this change. It also speaks of things coming together without you needing to do much work. This very much speaks of a rest period and allowing yourself to slow the fuck down and be okay with it.

There’s two supporting cards this week. The 10 of pentacles kept dropping out when I was shuffling, then I felt to pull another.
Earthing the Ten of Earth, speaks of this grounding and rest that I spoke of above, but also the fruitfulness of what’s to come. It holds an energy of hibernation, of being pulled into deeper spaces and practice resting and listening to yourself there. It also speaks of family and responsibility and allow yourself the permission to be open to something new. This could be a new direction in business, in relationship, or in life in general.

The next supporting card is the Eight of Fire, which speaks of swift movement cleansing, and transmutation. This feels like swift clear energy movement. Like an open road, a burst of wisdom and clarity, and understanding of the wisdom shared. This fruitfulness begins with the epiphany or realisation received from this wisdom and the process that has brought you here. This will give you the understanding and confidence to move forward if you’ve been feeling stuck. If you would like to book a personal reading with me, click here to book and view services: https://snakeandwildroots.com.au/collections/mediumship-readings-tarot-with-clairvoyancy