Tarot Insight from the 6th of January to the 13th of January 2019

The major arcana influence for this week is Judgement. Earthing the card tells me things have been slow to come to fruition on one or more situations and there's a feeling of unrest and a feeling of being stuck or even trapped. Though it's been slow, it needed to be, to outgrow the beliefs you've held about yourself, and what this shows me is there will be a breakthrough or a significant sign that things will be coming together soon. This clarity will be uplifting giving you the energy to stay focused on the areas you've been wanting to get your shit together in. 

The supporting card, the Queen of Wands tells me there is a stronger knowing of being grounded and seeing more than what you did before, which also gives you the confidence to keep moving towards the direction you had in mind for yourself. So good shit darllins. xx

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