Tarot Insight from the 6th of March to the 13th of March 2022.

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The major arcana influence for the week is the Hermit. Earthing this card, the first thing I feel and see is feeling and thinking many things at once where it feels confusing. It holds this energy of being within and over analysing to try and ground and work out what you’re feeling and why. Fuck darlins, of course you’ll be feeling this with much happening in the world, but what stands out here is the window in this card signifying the clarity you are wanting to grasp feels challenging or distant because much of the fear and anxiety that’s being felt. Where you can, as it’s being shown, to go outside, walk in nature, get some fresh air to support grounding and to get out of your head space and really try and give yourself as much peace as you can, especially if you know you’re safe right now.
This card also speaks of receiving some room to understand and process what you’re feeling this week. It holds a lightness to the confusion. So in short loves, do what you can and need to look after you. It’s going to look different for each person.

The supporting cards is the King of Staves and Justice. The King of Staves holds a lot of uncertainty and this tells me it’s getting a feel of what this energy holds and how you can ground and change things in your life that you sense will need changing in the near future pertaining to how you live, including changes with work too. This also holds a creative energy and asks you to look outside the box supporting whatever these changes may need to be. I feel this is more an intuitive feel right now and something to hold onto, to be created in the near future. I see visions of forest in this card and the craving of nature for some, a possible moving house with more nature.

The other supporting card is Justice. This is one of fire, and seeing the challenge from people you know that maybe asking more from you than what you can give or want to give. The message in this holds anger and a need for boundaries and noticing how current events may disappoint with some connections you hold close. What this really speaks of is integrity, strength and growth to speak up and be true to what you know is right for all and not feeding the dysfunction and toxicity some will choose to live. It’s being firm and loud when needed with the truth to cut through the bullshit. If you would like to book a personal reading with me, click here to view or purchase a service: https://snakeandwildroots.com.au/collections/mediumship-readings-tarot-with-clairvoyancy

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